sonnerie polyphonique FUNK & SOUL HEAVEN: August 2009


MAYBE with some help I can keep this BLOG alive??? A couple of Month ago I gave up and had planned to retire this blog but my LOVE for the Music is much much bigger! So as of now I post what I want and when I want..... If you have a request or search for something then send me a email and I may or may not can help you. KEEP THA FUNK ALIVE IF YOU WANT TO CONTRIBUTE THEN SEND ME THE FILE AND I WILL POST IT --- FUNK ONLY PLEASE ----- MY EMAIL?

Dienstag, August 25, 2009

1988 You're a Part of me - Jean Carne (Request)


(requested by DJ Mell)

You're A Part Of Me
Ain't No Way

Givin' Up On Love
Let Me Be The One
Closer To You
Walking The Line
Don't You Want To Love Anymore
Early Morning Love

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